Postgraduation “InnoTechPreneurship: The Creative Convergence Point of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

An innovative course which, through Creative Ideation, promotes Innovation with Impact, unlocks the Power of Technology and fosters an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

  • Next Date

    10 October 2023

  • Length

    6 months; 2 times a week

  • Format

    Online/On Campus

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Postgraduation “InnoTechPreneurship: The Creative Convergence Point of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

The ability to drive innovation with impact has become transversally fundamental for businesses, regardless of the sector. In the InnoTechPreneurship Postgraduation, participants have the opportunity to acquire the mindset and skills needed to stand out in this dynamic scenario.


By stimulating creativity and innovation, the course enables professionals to face challenges and seize opportunities for growth and technological transformation in their sectors of activity. In addition, by developing an entrepreneurial mindset, participants will be prepared to identify and seize business opportunities, generate customer value, and drive sustainable growth in their organisations


This creative and innovative learning experience begins with an introduction to the course, in which participants will be introduced to the concept of InnoTechPreneur, the objectives of the course, the structure and the methodologies used.

The value proposition of the course includes its very practical, hands-on aspect. Participants will be challenged to identify an innovative idea or project they want to develop and/or validate during the course, working in teams or individually, and immediately apply the content.


The course is organised into seven modules, the 7Is:

  • Introspection – addresses personal development, with an emphasis on mindset, communication and leadership;
  • Inspiration – Participants delve into the world of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, creativity and bioinspiration;
  • Ideation – provides participants with the knowledge needed to generate creative ideas, promote co-creation and derive value from collective intelligence in Lean and Agile models;
  • Information – focuses on understanding a market and applying innovative strategies to enter it and the study, research and development of targets;
  • Intention – Participants learn about the importance of sustainability, impact and the concepts of value and human centricity, exploring creativity in the creation of value models and processes at an individual, organisational or social level;
  • Incubation – addresses aspects such as integrated marketing, branding strategies, the implementation of technological solutions and the value of open innovation versus differentiation and market positioning through intellectual property;
  • Implementation – where participants systematise all the knowledge acquired in a final interdisciplinary project. Classes will be held to prepare for the pitch, guide them through the group work and present it in class on the innovative idea or project they set out to develop, immediately applying the concepts acquired in the design and construction of an innovative idea in a hands-on and learn-by-doing logic;
Learning Outcomes

The learning objectives of the InnoTechPreneurship course are to empower participants with the knowledge, skills, tools and mindset needed to excel in their careers in the dynamic business world, becoming true InnoTechPreneurs.


Specifically, the learning objectives of this comprehensive Postgraduation are:

  • Understand the intersection between technology, entrepreneurship and creative ideas, regardless of the sector of activity;
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and essential skills such as creativity, leadership, communication and collaboration;
  • Unlock the potential of individual self-awareness, but also of purposeful and inclusive leadership for multidisciplinary teams;
  • Analyse the market context, identifying challenges and opportunities for innovation in any sector of activity;
  • Explore strategies of co-creation, collective intelligence and bio-inspiration to stimulate the generation of innovative ideas;
  • Acquire knowledge of models and methodologies for creating, validating and implementing innovative ideas;
  • Develop a human-centred approach, applying creative techniques to create value for the various stakeholders (clients, users, beneficiaries, and others).


Achieving these objectives empowers participants to face the challenges of an ever-changing environment and to become true InnoTechPreneurs, ready to drive innovation and success regardless of their sector of activity.

Who wants to be InnoTEchPreneur?

The continuous training of professionals is increasingly relevant and differentiating for the development of businesses in various sectors. In this context, the InnoTechPreneurship Postgraduation is aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs who want to stand out by harnessing the potential of creativity to drive innovation and growth in their businesses or organisations.

This course is especially relevant for the following:

  • Professionals from various fields, such as management, economics, engineering, mathematics, law and others, who wish to explore the creative intersection of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in their sectors of activity
  • Strategic or operational managers of business units regardless of sector;
  • Specialists in innovation teams or continuous improvement in product development;
  • Entrepreneurs aspiring to start a business in the context of innovation and technology;
  • Individuals seeking to stand out as visionary leaders in their respective fields.
Program Coordination
Luisa Baltazar
Strategy Advisor e Business Expert

Luisa is a Strategy Advisor and Business Expert who helps founders and startups of the European Commission’s European Innovation Council, as well as executives and companies worldwide, achieve their goals through strategic, agile and creative solutions with the “Get s#it done” mindset. A business founder with crucial intrinsic skills for strategy and implementation, her experience and knowledge stem from more than 25 years of career in global organizations, startups and technology, including startup acceleration, business strategy and innovation in Silicon Valley, Europe and worldwide. Throughout her career, she has accumulated tools, knowledge and multidisciplinary and transversal experience in the areas of management, human resources, communication, marketing and much more, essential for the entrepreneurial ecosystem and for the efficient and sustainable management of any organization, regardless of the area or industry.

Teacher, Mentor and Coach in various initiatives, universities and organizations such as NOVA FCT and the Founders Institute, and with an endless desire to learn and give back, with social projects that she believes move the needle towards a better future and world, such as Women in Tech where she is a member of the Board of Advisors in Portugal, she believes that “Value emerges when knowledge is transformed into action.”

The people she works with consider Luisa to be an inspirational leader who “gets things done” in a creative, empathetic and pragmatic way, always with a “hands-on” attitude where she applies ethics and transformational strategic thinking.

Rita Pelica

Chief Energy Officer & Founder da ONYOU

Curious and with an entrepreneurial spirit, Rita is Chief Energy Officer & Founder of ONYOU – Empowering & Learning Experiences, designing and implementing facilitation, training and mentoring projects, with an emphasis on the development of soft skills (mainly leadership, communication and entrepreneurship). She is also a professor in higher education (Catholic University Lisbon) and in professional education, at the Estoril School of Hospitality and Tourism.

Her toolbox presents a diversity of tools (LEGO® Serious Play®, Liberating Structures, Business Model You®, Management 3.0, Sociocracy 3.0 and Storytelling), innovatively integrating concepts of management, marketing, communication, entrepreneurship and human resources – areas on which she has focused her career, over 25 years.

She has a master’s degree in Marketing, a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management and a degree in Management from ISEG/University of Lisbon. She also has a postgraduate degree in Neurosciences applied to the decision-making process. Attends the 3rd year of the Doctorate in Human Resources, at ISCSP/University of Lisbon.

On a pro bono basis, she is a Board Member of Associação Portugal Agora, Women in Tech, Humanity of Things and INTEC – Institute of Behavioral Technology; co-founder of the Leadership Toastmasters Club and founding member of IAF Portugal (International Association of Facilitation). She is also PORTUGAL Catalyst of the LEAGUE OF INTRAPRENEURS.

Her mission is to enable people to be more entrepreneurial, playful & conscious.

Marta Cerejo

Innovation Manager at IRIS, NOVA FCT

Marta is an Innovation Manager, working at IRIS, NOVA School of Science and Technology, specialized in intellectual property management and knowledge transfer, with a scientific background and hands-on experience in transferring research to the market to make a positive impact. She is driven by projects that enhance well-being and is a matchmaker by heart, connecting knowledgeable people to establish successful and impactful partnerships.

Marta is a biologist by training, holding an MSc in Marine Coastal Sciences of University of Aveiro and a PhD in Bioengineering of the MIT-PT programme at NOVA School of Science and Technology.

With over a decade of experience in R&D in biotechnology and health sciences, developed at several institutions, national and international, from the academic, public, and private sectors, including a start-up, plus 8 years of experience in innovation management, she works on the innovation space since 2006, and takes advantage of her diverse background and industry insights to support R&D projects since their inception, through the design of the IP protection strategy, until the incorporation of the inventions into products that address real market needs. She is skilled in the design of roadmaps of development that de-risk early-stage technologies and increase their attractiveness to the industry.

As an innovative and intrapreneurial mind, she creates methodologies and procedures that innovate in the field of innovation management.

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