We believe

the only

way to be

beyond is


Our Statement

From tech
to value

How we think shapes the world around us, and our ways of thinking are formed through our learning.


We believe the only way to be beyond is by learning.


We believe that lifelong learning is more important than knowledge.

We are sure Covid 19 was a catalyst and showed us that our times are unpredicted. We have an offence focus and see this catalyst as an opportunity to learn and grow.


We know that climate needs severe action, and we have tools, faculty and researchers to develop and deliver how to do it.


We know, and we believe, that the future demands more from technology, and we know how to teach and experience it in a good way.


We are ready to make a difference.



Nélia Câmara
Executive Director
Message From the Executive Director

NOVA School of Science and Technology is an institution of restless learning. An institution of powerful connection. An institution that always strives for more.

We have strong tradition of working in innovative areas. Being a higher education international institution, our scientific research and quality teaching are well recognised, which ensures a high level of professional success for its students and researchers.

NOVA hosts several research centres across various research areas, particularly in Digital Innovation & Big Data, Biomedicine & Bio-medical Devices, Circular Economy & Sustainability, Manufacturing & Automation, Nano & Smart Materials, Security & Defence Technologies.

A leading aspect of our School is diversity. Diversity in terms of geography, culture and points of view serves as a powerful engine for innovation and allows NOVA School of Science and Technology to stand out as one of the top Tech & Science schools in Portugal.

We all know that technology is disrupting businesses around the world, leaving no industry unturned and digital disruption is making significant waves in executive education too. NOVA wants to be at the forefront of this change and innovation to prepare our students and executives for a new type of workplaces.

Our Executive Programs combine our practical technology knowledge with experiential and immersive learning in our outstanding labs to create “unique” learning experiences. By joining one of our Programs, you'll become a vital member of an amazing community with more than 30.000 students, alumni and professors making up an ecosystem that is rich in vision and idea.

I'm so happy to welcome you to the outstanding environment at NOVA School of Science and Technology.

Our Mission and Values


Tech Education
Designed For
Impact and Value

In the last century, we often thought about technology as enablement, as the back office, as something we use to support our businesses. In this century—and certainly, post-COVID-19—technology will be very much in the front. It will be the competitive differentiator for how all companies and ecosystems work. Technology will never stop evolving.

Our Executive Education Programs focus on Technology, Science, Innovation and Sustainability to co-create the leaders of the future.
We believe executive education must be active experience-based, combining the last outstanding technology developments with real cases in use or opportunities for new benefits. Our faculty combines interactive lectures, case studies, diagnostic exercises, and deep reflective work for a highly engaging experience.

Our learning approach enhances reflective, critical, and collaborative systems thinking. Our aim is not only to equip participants with the knowledge to take on the real world but to nurture, create and shape the leaders of tomorrow.

We see technology as an accelerator, and we are proud to help you and your organisation to get the best of it to create value and impact our lives!


Promote executive education as the key to sustainable development.

Use Technology, Science and Innovation to break down boundaries, benefiting people worldwide and driving economic growth.

Facts &
  • #1
    in Portugal

    in Grants awarded by the European Research Council, with a total of 11 Grants

  • Top 9
    in Europe

    NOVA was ranked in the top 9 in Europe in the QS World University Rankings 2021 among universities founded less than 50 years ago

  • #1
    in Portugal

    in Horizon 2020 projects, with a total of 112 projects between 2014 - 2021

  • 32

    from NOVA FCT among World's Top 2% in 2020, according to the prestigious Ranking from Standford University, in a pool of more than 159.000 names

  • +525
  • #1
    in Portugal

    in Research Excellence recognised by the Foundation for Science and Technology, with a total of 10 research centers with Outstanding grade and 4 centers with Very Good grade

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