Bridge Talks are free events promoted by NOVA FCT Executive Education, designed to foster meaningful connections between academia and business, explore transformative ideas and build bridges that shape a sustainable and prosperous future. Each talk addresses a relevant topic, providing a platform for thought leaders to share insights and innovations.


Why we call it Bridge Talks?


Firstly, NOVA FCT is located in the south side of the bridge…


Secondly, it is aligned with our mission: “Bridging to meet the future: lifelong learning in Science and Tech”.


…and finally…


because our goal is to establish bridges between academia and business, fostering collaboration that leverages the strengths of both worlds.

How we think shapes the world around us, and our ways of thinking are formed through our learning and collaboration with others. We believe that lifelong learning is more important than knowledge. We have tools, faculty and researchers to develop and deliver how to do it. We know, and we believe, that the future demands more from technology and science, and we know how to teach and experience it in a good way. We are ready to make a difference by equipping society with the knowledge, skills, and adaptability needed to navigate and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of tomorrow.

june, 2024

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