Postgraduation Agile Project Management

An agile company is one that is able to quickly adapt to changes in the market. Identify the process of becoming agile and the success that such ability brings companies through a real-world example.


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    18 September 23

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    6 months
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Postgraduation Agile Project Management

What makes companies like Google, Spotify or Revolut stand out among thousands of companies worldwide?

Is it just fashion, trend or new working methodologies that are more agile and able to respond more quickly and effectively to increasingly demanding and impatient customers?


Agile innovation methods have revolutionised information technology.

Over the past 25 to 30 years, they have significantly increased success rates in software development, improved quality and speed to market, and increased the motivation and productivity of IT teams.


What if a company could achieve positive returns with 50 per cent more new product or service introductions?

What if marketing programmes could generate 40% more enquiries from potential customers?

What if human resources could recruit 60% more talent?

What if employees were more emotionally engaged in their jobs?


The Agile methodology has brought these levels of improvement to many technology companies that were born after the Agile Manifesto, and have adopted its principles from the beginning. More recently, it has been realised that the opportunity extends to other departments and industries, leading to cross-organisational benefits.


NOVA FCT launches for the 3rd consecutive year, in partnership with Scopphu, the Postgraduation in Agile Project Management, whose objective is to challenge participants to change their work mentality based on Agile methodologies and to look at this change as an opportunity and a challenge in their daily lives, which allow learning theoretical principles and their practical implementation.

The knowledge of AGILE methodologies and their practices and tools leads to the development and continuous improvement of organisations and their efficiency, quality and added value. These are the main aspects organisations seek to increase and boost in their internal processes and teams to satisfy their customers.


This Postgraduation is composed of FIVE curricular units:

  • Curricular Unit 01: Agile Project Management: concepts and fundamentals
  • Curricular Unit 02: Enterprise Transformation
  • Curricular Unit 03: Services & Product Design
  • Curricular Unit 04: Agile People
  • Curricular Unit 05: Agile Tools


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Learning Outcomes

Participants will have contact with various concepts in what is understood by project/product management, from its discovery, design and prototyping to managing the structure/process Scrum, Kanban, Lean, measurement and analysis of results through agile metrics.

At the end of the course, all participants will have the knowledge and skills to apply AGILE methodologies in both traditional, digital, and technological projects.



  1. Explain the Agile project management approach and philosophy, including values and principles.
  2. Gain a thorough understanding of Agile principles and how to apply them in any industry.
  3. Reduce the risk of project failure by adopting outcome-based Agile controls to close projects more effectively.
  4. Increase speed by utilising proven agile/lean work management techniques.
  5. Deliver innovative solutions, unlocking the potential of your team.



This Postgraduation includes 5 certifications:


  • CAL-E – Certified Agile Leadership Essentials
  • CAL-O – Certified Agile Leadership for Organisations
  • Management 3.0 Fundamentals of Management 3.0
  • PSM – Professional Scrum Master (
  • Scrum@Scaled

Participants Profile

This Postgraduation is suitable for a wide range of professional profiles working in business and project management who want to embrace and implement the agile mindset in their organisations.

Some examples are:

  • Project Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Enterprise Architects, Database Administrators, and anyone interested in developing Agile knowledge and mindset;
  • Senior Executives looking to develop an Agile mindset to lead and innovate in their organisation;
  • Project Managers and Team Leaders;
  • Professionals who want to strengthen their Agile knowledge;
  • Professionals who need to fulfil a leadership role in Agile projects.
Program Coordination
Horácio Lopes

Project Manager, Training Manager, Trainer, and University Lecturer. Founder of newDATAmagazine®

In his first work experience as a shelf stocker in a family supermarket, he immediately felt an enormous connection to management and everything that meant planning, organisation, procedures, criteria, and logic.

While still studying for his degree, in 1992, he took the initiative to set up his first company dedicated to importing and distributing sports materials and selling sportswear, footwear, and accessories to the public. In 1997 he assumed the position of financial director of an international trading company, and in 1999 he became the general manager of a fitness centre.

Between 2002 and 2012, he performed as a project manager in the areas of Management, Internet, Marketing, Communication, Design, and Multimedia, with implementation in clients from the most diverse industries in B2B and B2C, which allowed him to come into contact with very different realities and develop an excellent problem-solving ability, using creativity and adaptability, as a leader and also as a team member.

He has been acting since 2012 as a management consultant, helping companies to optimise and restructure departments and functional areas, mainly in the processes of General Management, Technology, Strategy, Commercial, Marketing, and Product/Service Delivery.

In parallel with his business occupation, he has taken on various positions in the associative sector, related to management, marketing, events, and projects over the years. In these areas, he has also worked as a trainer since 1994, and from 2013, as a pedagogical coordinator. Today he works as a trainer, pedagogical coordinator, and university professor.

His immense passion for continuous learning motivated him to seek more knowledge and to attend multiple training courses at different levels, accumulating today, in addition to more than a dozen professional training courses and certifications, a degree, two master’s degrees, an executive master’s degree, and a postgraduate degree. He is currently studying for a doctorate in Management.

His desire to give back to the community and his sharing mentality led him to found newDATAmagazine®, a knowledge-oriented magazine proudly belonging to the Cultural and Creative Economy, in which he is now editor and where he coordinates the monthly production of each issue (partnership management, planning, writing, proofreading, editing, publishing and communication, coordination of the magazine’s design and layout, IT production, online publishing, website, and communication).

“Show, don’t tell!”, “Walk the talk!”, “Get things done!” and “Sharing is learning!” are the four principles that guide his professional performance.

Ana Carmo

Founder & CEO of Scopphu

Ana Carmo is the founder, partner and CEO of Scopphu Group since May 2013. 

Focused on developing new and innovative projects and on helping people, teams and companies around the world, Ana leads a group of 2 companies with enthusiasm and resilience, guiding more than 30 people and 500 customers.

With her contribution, Ana supports many of the company’s investment and strategic change areas. Given the strong impact that her performance has on people, projects and on the knowledge and inspiration of internal teams, Ana managed to be one of the first leaders to introduce the Agile methodology training in the Portuguese market. Due to the growth of the business, she is leading Scopphu in conquering other markets and geographies, as the example of Spain where Scopphu opened an office in Madrid in 2019.

Ana graduated in Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon and attended a post graduation in Project Management from ISBB. Since 2011, she has been investing in several training courses in Agile methods, of which she has several certifications, such as CSM, CSPO of the Scrum Alliance, and Management 3.0 from Happy Melly.



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