Inspiring Tech-Safari

Uma viagem imperdível ao centro da inovação e tecnologia em Portugal.

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    January 2025

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    3 days

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Inspiring Tech-Safari

At NOVA School of Science and Technology we believe that we are privileged to live in a time when science and technology can help us, make our lives easier and rethink the ways we go about our daily lives.

Many of the technologies that will have an impact on industry and business, in general, are being created today in the research laboratories of many universities. The pace of technology development and adoption by businesses is greater than ever in all economic domains, from agriculture to finance, from healthcare to manufacturing. Managers need to build awareness and knowledge of these technologies and understand their potential impact on their business.


In this unique programme, and for 3 unforgettable days, you will have the opportunity to hear, talk and discuss with some of today’s most outstanding scientists and researchers from many of the fields of science, engineering and technology, who are leading many of the new and inspiring technological revolutions that are changing the world. You will also be able to visit their labs, discover which technologies have the most potential to impact your business and recognise the role of technology in tackling the world’s toughest challenges.

Course content

Developed by scientists and professors from NOVA School of Science & Technology, this executive programme focuses on exploring the intersection of innovation, technology and business.

The programme is centred on key critical disruptive technology trends that are driving the world forward. It is ideally designed to help you examine the particular areas of emerging technologies such as IoE, AI, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, 3D Printing, Green Chemistry, Engineering Biology among many others. The curriculum is organised with live sessions from experienced professors, scientists, as well as various workshops and group work so that participants can extrapolate concrete applications of new emerging technologies to their organisations.


At the end of the 3-day programme, participants will be able to:

  • Discover the latest trends in innovation and technology and their leadership implications and challenges;
  • Participate in the early stages of these technology trends, positioning you and your organisation for the future;
  • Learn about technologies and innovation that can enhance your leadership acumen, focusing on topics that can help you achieve maximum traction in your technology initiatives;
  • Understand how technology can help overcome some of the biggest challenges facing our society, including climate change, hunger and disease.
Learning outcomes

At the end of this programme participants will be able to:

  • Characterise the main emerging technologies;
  • Understand the potential of each technology and its applications in business;
  • Understand the maturity level of emerging technologies;
  • Realise which technology will create new business opportunities;
  • Recognise which startups and companies are at the forefront of technology.


Participants Profile

For individuals who are in leadership roles and looking to keep their organisation at the forefront of technological innovation, or who are in the process of taking on leadership responsibilities in the digital and technological transformation of their organisations, including:

  • Leaders and directors ensuring their organisation is prepared for the latest digital and technology trends
  • Leaders focused on evolving their organisation’s technology management and growth to meet future needs;
  • Coordinators and others responsible for driving and leading technology innovation and strategy across their organisation;
  • Mid- to senior-level managers and executives preparing for technology leadership roles;
  • Consultants who need to stay abreast of the latest technologies and business applications to deliver outstanding solutions to their clients.

This executive programme will help you lead your organisation to the forefront through technological innovation and strategic change. You will gain the knowledge, tools and technologies to drive change and leverage technology across your organisation.

Program Coordination
Cecília Roque

Associate Professor at FCT NOVA
and Researcher at UCIBIO

Cecília Roque is an Associate Professor at the Chemistry Department and Researcher at UCIBIO (

She is passionate about interdisciplinarity and innovation, developing her research work inspired by Nature and at the interface between biotechnology, chemistry and engineering.

Cecília studied in Portugal and England and has been a Visiting Professor at Universities in Europe, US and Brazil. Shehas been the recipient of several national and international awards, namely a Starting and a Proof-of-concept grants from the European Research Council (2014; 2022) and currently leads an international consortium on Future and Emerging Technologies. She has training from biotech entrepreneurial programs in Cambridge and PT, and actively engages with academic and industrial partners for her research.

Cecilia is a member of several international societies, is part of Executive Board of the European Federation of Biotechnology and is vice-president (2019-) of the International Society for Molecular Recognition.

António Grilo

Full Professor at FCT NOVA
and Director at UNIDEMI

António Grilo is full professor at NOVA School of Science and Technology, in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He is currently the Head of Department, Director of the research center UNIDEMI (, and Director of the PhD Program in Industrial Engineering.

His research scientific domain area has been centered on Business Interoperability focusing on how to design and develop Digital-based interorganizational systems that can improve business performance of supply chains, and industrial networks, and how to measure and analyse the impact on business performance according to the configurations of the ICT-platforms. More recently, complementary lines of research are on Digital Platforms, particularly simulation of digital-based companies which derived from the business interoperability research, and applications of Emergent Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in industry and services.

He was the main coordinator of 4 international Research & Development projects, managed 15 other R&D projects. Published over 100 papers in scientific journals and conferences, with more than 1500 citations in Scopus. He has successfully supervised 6 PhD and received 3 scientific and technological awards.

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