FinTech Innovation

Technological advances, including machine learning, blockchain and future quantum computing, are driving increased automation and new functionalities that will change the underpinnings and provision of financial services. 

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FinTech Innovation

Since its emergence, FinTech has been considered a disruptive force within the financial industry, one to prepare for, or even defend against. Its rapid adoption amongst financial institutions and across industries, however, makes defending against the rise of FinTech ultimately futile.


Like in other industries, the coronavirus pandemic could end up benefiting the FinTech industry by accelerating the rush to the digitisation of banking and insurance: There was a 72% surge in the use of FinTech apps in Europe over just a week as consumers adjusted to social distancing, self-isolation and lockdowns.

The course

The key disruptions in the current FinTech industry landscape. Using these insights, you will apply the lessons of disruption to a challenge facing your organization and perform an analysis on one of your own products or services or someone else’s.


Some of the topics on this program covers the following issues:


  • Platform Business
  • Digital Identity
  • Mobile Payments
  • Blockchain and Digital Currencies
  • Regtech & Compliance
  • Big Data and Machine Learning
  • User Experience and Digital Engagement
  • Open banking
  • Disruption on banking channels
  • Welthtech
  • Alternative lending
  • Disruption in Wealth Management and Personal Finance Management
  • Fintechs and Social Responsibility
  • Automation and RPA
Learning Outcomes
The program
will enable
you to:

Navigate a shifting competitive landscape and make strategic decisions that will position your company for growth—whether you work in the credit, insurance, asset management,  real estate market among other industries.


You will develop a deeper understanding of the frictions that FinTech aims to address; discover ways to overcome adoption barriers and quickly scale your business; and learn how to manage disruptive threats posed by agile, data-driven competitors.


  • Rising executives of the banking and insurance industry who are interested in understanding how to leverage FinTech technology and FinTech partnerships, and in coping with FinTech competition.
  • Entrepreneurs who have launched – or plan to launch – start-ups that aim to disrupt key areas of financial markets.
  • Individuals who work in areas or industries related to technology and FinTech.
  • Master students who want to follow a career in the financial sector or in the emerging Technologies that are pushing the industry forward.
  • Executives of the retail, telecom, utility or any other sectors who are interested in understanding how to apply FinTech technologies to their business and to leverage their client bases to offer financial products.
Program Coordination

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