Daniel Kahneman: ‘Clearly AI is going to win. How people are going to adjust is a fascinating problem’

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Industry 4.0: Emerging Trends Shaping the Future of Work & Business

From factory floors to creative suites, the future of work is changing. Emerging technologies have exposed opportunities for new business endeavors, impressive efficiencies and novel solutions to tough systemic challenges.

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Deep tech: the great wave of innovation

In this report, BCG will outline the deep tech approach: the “why now” question; and the characteristics that participants must understand in order to partake and thrive in the deep tech ecosystem.

We can 3D-print wood

Two years ago, pioneers in the 3D printing industry started exploring new materials when they realised that wood waste is a material that could be transformed for 3D printing. The new process can print wood with a grain that mimics any type of tree, from ash to mahogany.

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