Hearing the world around us: The Sounds

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    November 2024

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    5 weeks

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    300€ (under 23)

Hearing the world around us: The Sounds

Our primary form of communication uses sound: we speak, we listen, we say, we hear, we whisper, we shout, we sing, we turn a deaf ear, or we are all ears.


We may close our eyes, but hearing is always there – even when we’re asleep, or we wouldn’t hear the alarm clock….


We hear – and produce – sounds of all kinds: sometimes a simple speech, sometimes a pleasant song, even an unpleasant noise.


Producing sound, communicating with sound.


A noisy silence.


A horn, a chirp.


Seeing with sound? An ultrasound scan.


To feel with sound? Music to my ears.


Say what?

Cuorse Content
  • Sounds as physical phenomena
  • The organs of speech and hearing
  • Sound sources
  • The composition of sound
  • Musical instruments
  • The sounds of nature
  • Ultrasound in medicine – echography
  • The psychological effects of sounds
  • Sounds in the creation of environments
  • Room acoustics
Learning Outcomes

In this course, we will look at sounds from multiple perspectives, from the most scientific, the anatomy and physiology of speech and hearing, to the most applied, sounds in the environment, environments and room acoustics.


Some expert professors will be invited, in particular:

  • Pedro Novo, Senior Acoustics Engineer at MaxFordham in London
  • Isabel Pires, Professor at the Department of Musical Sciences and Researcher at NOVA’s Centre for the Study of Sociology and Musical Aesthetics

Participants Profile

This programme is suitable for a wide range of professional profiles with career aspirations in the Tourism and Hospitality sector and who want to understand how science and technology can and are changing customer experiences and creating new opportunities in the sector.

Some examples:

  • Operational/business unit managers with ambitions to progress to leadership at corporate level;
  • Managers who want to ensure their organisation is ready for the latest digital and technological trends;
  • Hotel department managers looking for a promotion to General Manager;
  • Entrepreneurs planning to launch their own business in the T&H industry;
  • Participants with a background in management, economics, or even engineering who want to make a career in the industry, will have the opportunity to gain knowledge about technologies and innovations that are contributing to the emergence of new business niches and opportunities;
  • Communication and marketing managers from companies in the sector.
Program Coordination
Isabel Catarino

Assistant Professor, NOVA FCT

Isabel Catarino is an assistant professor in the Physics department at NOVA FCT, having coordinated the Integrated Master in Engineering Physics for over six years.

She holds a PhD in engineering physics from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2002), having invested in cryogenic engineering as her main R&D area. From cryogenics applications for space instrumentation and energy management, she has been turning to terrestrial applications of cryogenics for power grid applications and, collaterally, to studies on integrating renewable sources for the energy transition.

She was a fellow at the “Service des Basses Températures” of the “Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique” (CEA) in Grenoble (France), working on the design and optimisation of cryo-refrigerators and cryogenic thermal management devices.

In 2009 he was a visiting independent advisor at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL-NASA/Caltech) and a visitor at Caltech, California (USA), for one semester, also working on cryogenic thermal management devices.

The academic management tasks led to the establishment of contacts and collaboration with several companies and state laboratories, national and international, and since then, the R&D activities have become more transdisciplinary and focused on the energy transition.

In 2022 she received the 1st Pedagogical Innovation Award from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, for the project presented in the teaching of vibrations and waves, in addition to an honourable mention due to the teaching of experimental physics.

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