GenAI Weekend

Disrupting Business Performance with Generative AI


Discover the potential of Generative AI for business performance through the exploration of new generative tools that support everyday tasks, tutorial sessions on AI demystification, and enjoy the networking opportunities in an immersive learning environment.

  • Next Date

    28th and 29th September

  • Length

    2 days (weekend)

  • Format


  • Investment

    1.100€ (includes staying 1 night at hotel)

GenAI Weekend

A Comprehensive and Practical Exploration of Generative AI


Thanks to the latest advancements in AI from this past year, many day-to-day work tasks can now be performed at a fraction of the effort. However, industry adoption of new technology has always been a slow process. We thus expect that early adopters of Generative AI tools will present themselves with an unfair advantage against their competition, especially when it concerns company productivity. And this applies to several dimensions: from speeding up internal processes and communication, to improving current products and services, and even expanding marketing capabilities.


Our curriculum covers a wide range of critical aspects in Generative AI—from its historical evolution to its present-day state of the art, demystifying the complexities that often shroud this transformative technology. As participants, you will gain a thorough understanding of the field’s key applications, while our emphasis on responsible AI practices ensures the utmost confidentiality and security of your company’s data.


Secure your spot and immerse yourself in a weekend of exploration, learning, and networking in the enthralling world of Generative AI.

Course content

Day 1

  • AI Overview: Dive deep into AI’s origins, milestones, and its commitment to privacy.
  • Generative AI History (NLP): Trace the roots of Generative AI in NLP with a focus on secure data handling.
  • Generative AI Tools (NLP): Understand cutting-edge techniques such as prompting, fine-tuning, retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), vector databases, and the practical applications of advanced AI models, including, but not limited to, GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4.
  • Use-Case: Explore real-world NLP-driven AI applications
  • Responsible AI: Exploring ethical considerations and responsible practices in AI.
  • Panel Discussion: Engage in discourse about AI’s future, its implications, and the importance of data privacy with industry leaders. Our speakers have extensive experience in the field
  • Cocktails & Drinks: Get together and take some time to relax, reflect and discussed on all that you’ve learned. and enjoy this time to relax and network in a chill environment.


Day 2

  • Group Activity: Begin the day with a planned surprise activity to restart the course with a refreshed state of mind.
  • Generative AI History (Image): Unearth AI’s evolution in the video sector while highlighting privacy-centric tools.
  • Generative AI Tools (Image): Delve into tools revolutionizing video processing through AI, with data privacy as a cornerstone.
  • Use Case: Practical applications and examples of Generative AI in action.
  • Ending Ceremony
Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand Generative AI’s advancements;
  • Familiarize with generative tools for NLP and Image;
  • Understand data privacy and ethical considerations in Gen AI;
  • Gain experience with tackling real-life use-cases with Generative AI;
  • Discover the latest tools and techniques;
  • Network with peers and professionals who face similar issues in implementing GenAi in their companies.

Participants Profile

This course brings benefits to anyone who faces GenAI implementation challenges in organizations or is part of teams that are directly or indirectly involved in projects where Generative AI is used.

We invite participants who:

  • Have an interest or background in AI;
  • Seek knowledge in Generative AI with concerns about data privacy;
  • Are eager to network and learn from other industry frontrunners;
  • Value hands-on experiences with cutting-edge technologies.
Program Coordination
António Coelho

Data Scientist and NLP at Closer Consulting

He has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and a Master’s degree in Big Data Engineering and Analysis, both from NOVA FCT. He also has a postgraduate qualification in Data Science from the Lisbon Data Science Academy.

During his academic career, he taught programming to young people.

He has been a teacher at the Samsung Innovation Campus for two editions.

Since 2020, he has worked in multinational companies, being involved in various data science projects, including churn prediction, speech emotion recognition, recommendation systems, search engines, document classification, question and answering, and anonymisation.

In the last year of this journey, he has been in contact with cutting-edge technologies such as Transformers, LLMs, Generative AI and Cloud.

Simão Gonçalves

Data Scientist at Hospital da Luz Learning Health

Simão Gonçalves is a data scientist at Hospital da Luz Learning Health, a research company from Hospital da Luz to leverage the extensive medical data for research and development to improve the Hospital’s services and quality of care. He is responsible for bringing the first machine learning model to production for the hospital which works side by side with nurses in the in-patient care department.

With a Masters in Data Science, Simão’s specialization lies in both data analysis and application of machine learning & deep learning models to medical data. His master thesis explored future diagnosis prediction given a patient’s medical history and he has also worked closely with Hospital Garcia de Orta’s team on analyzing the impact of a medical intervention made to 300 patients. Simão also has a track record of organizing several data science workshops in the past years, having taught more than 200 students about this field.

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