Living in a Decentralised World

Blockchain, Bitcoin, digital cryptographic assets, and decentralized web technology have the power to unlock a world of possibilities for society in the exponential age we live in. They are revolutionizing the way we conduct transactions and how we store and share data, providing greater security, transparency and privacy.

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Living in a Decentralised World

The internet age has changed every aspect of human life from social media, collaborative work, finance, retailing and transformed multiple industries.

However, the existing model of the internet’s evolution has relied on the creation of digital monopolies such as Google and Facebook which gain ever greater control over user data. Financial services such as banking and stock markets moved on to the internet but still required having to trust centralised companies, banks or asset managers to hold user assets. This gave massive power and influence to a few entities and created the risk of a central point of failure.


The last decade has seen the emergence of a radical new concept, Blockchain and distributed technologies that allow digital ownership of assets and data to be decentralised with the users without having the need to trust any company, institution or even the government. These technologies have the potential to create a new decentralised internet bringing radical changes to the economy, disrupting financial markets, ownership of assets, trading, contracts and even culture and community.



This course is designed to take you through a fascinating journey through the world of decentralisation and digital asset evolution, and prepare you for a new decentralised world knocking on our doorstep.

The first blockchain, the Bitcoin, allowed for the creation of an alternative financial currency, providing for the first time a globally neutral currency with an algorithmically defined inflation rate with a hard cap on its maximum supply. Thus acting as a digital gold, the bitcoin network could provide the world with an alternative financial ecosystem over which new startups can build digital applications. 


This course will start with a deep dive on the problems facing our current financial systems and present views to analyse if Bitcoin could emerge as a complementary financial system for the world. We will also explore the evolution of second layer lightening networks and how Bitcoin is getting integrated into decentralised social media systems such as the NOSTR protocol.


The course will further explore innovations over other layer 1 blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, amongst others and present the innovations in decentralised finance. The combination of theoretical and practical lessons will mean that each topic will be explored with a complement of theoretical conceptual lesson followed by a practical session which will involve a discussion, or tutorial that will provide you with hands on experience of the technologies being discussed.


This course will further guide you through the usage of Centralised and Decentralised exchanges, lending protocols and give you a practical experience of managing your digital assets. We will also explore the innovations in the world of Tokenization and explore examples of how real world assets such as Real Estate, Art, Social Communities are utilising the concept to create new business models. We will also explore the concept of a Decentralised Autonomous Organization and how it is providing an alternative to traditional corporate structures.


Program Objetives
  • Understand the importance of Blockchain technology and crypto assets;
  • Understand the importance of Blockchain technology and crypto assets in the global macro-economy;
  • Be familiar with security concepts and be able to privately store your crypto assets in the most secure way available today;
  • Know the landscape of exchanges and how to operate a cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Be aware of Blockchain trends, DEFI, NFT’s, DAO’s, Metaverse among others;
  • Develop a structured methodology to identify how to take advantage of Blockchain technology, whether in asset management, investments, fundraising, defining new business models or in social innovation and management using the principles of decentralised organisations.


Our team of experienced and passionate teachers will explore multiple industries that are being disrupted such as decentralised justice, supply chain, and energy trading and will also provide you with an overview of the upcoming crypto regulations. We will also have a demo day where various crypto startups will present with their businesses and where you can interact with the founders.


The promises of blockchain technology for enterprises in terms of cost efficiency and performance improvement and the booming development of the crypto markets translate directly into the rise in demand for blockchain professionals.

A report by LinkedIn has placed blockchain as one of the most in-demand skills for 2021 and beyond. Enterprises therefore need blockchain professionals with the skills to help them leverage most of blockchain technology for driving their business objectives.

No matter your level of maturity on these topics, we will help you gain a solid understanding of their potential impact on your career or business and what you can do about it. Some examples of key targets are:

  • C-Suite Officers
  • Digital Transformation Managers / Chief Technology Officers
  • Digital Innovators, R&D, Software Developers
  • Business Managers
  • Students from any field interested in these new technologies
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