Thiago Coelho

Head of Emergency Department at

CUF Hospital in Setúbal

Thiago Coelho is the Head of Emergency Department at Hospital da Luz, in Setúbal. He provides clinical care to patients and assumes overall responsibility for the delivery of medical services in the Emergency Department, ensuring the provision of a continuous high standard of patient care, education and research. 

His main specialities are, notably, Intensive Care Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Neurointensive Care and Healthcare Management. Dr. Thiago has a strong academic background in Medicine from the Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Brazil, a MBA with specialisation in Brazil, being a recognized medical doctor in Australia, Brazil, Portugal and the United States, and an MBA with specialization in Healthcare Management. 

Currently, he is doing a PhD at FCT NOVA in Industrial Engineering with a focus on applying Lean and Agile Thinking in the healthcare unit services. 

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