Elvira Fortunato

Scientist, Researcher & Professor

at Nova School of Science & Technology

Elvira Fortunato won the Pessoa 2020 Prize, which reaches this year its 34th edition, in recognition of her work with the paper transistor and also for creating the world’s first fully transparent screen. 

Scientist, professor and researcher at the NOVA School of Science and Technology has been regularly awarded both nationally and internationally. Recently she was awarded the European “Horizon Impact Award 2020” for her work in the field of sustainable materials.

Actually, Professor Elvira is Vice‐Rector at Nova University, Director of the Materials Research Center (CENIMAT) and the integrated Associate Laboratory i3N, the Institute of Nanostructures, Nanomodeling and Nanofabrication. Elvira Fortunato has been awarded with two Advanced Grants from ERC in the total amount of 5.75 M.

She is an elected member of: Academy of Engineering; European Academy of Sciences; Lisbon Academy of Sciences and Academia Europaea. Former Chief Scientific Advisor of the European Commission, between 2016 and 2020.

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