André Carreiro

Director of Application Development, Consultant, Trainer, and, University Lecturer

With an early vocation for integrating the world of Management with that of Information Systems and Technologies, he began his career supporting Strategic Marketing software in the Management MBA programme at UCP while studying for a degree in Business Management.

After graduating, he coordinated client-mission teams, where his contribution was precisely to automate processes, reducing the time it took to create and edit reports from weeks to hours, using formulas and VBA in Excel, and integrating these objects automatically into Word.

With the evolution towards more advanced technologies, he helped develop analytical systems for banking and telecommunications, coordinating technical and functional teams. At BPI, for example, he worked on creating the Marketing department’s Datamart, based on MicroStrategy. At the then TMN, now MEO/Altice, he worked on creating the first Datawarehouse, based on Microsoft SQL Server, MicroStrategy, and SAS, and establishing the modelling rules used. Also noteworthy was the management of the organisation’s first Data Mining project and the orientation towards Database Marketing, which was still in its infancy.

In 2002, to complement his degree in Management and following a career devoted to Information Systems, he took a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management at UTL-ISEG.

In 2006, he moved to Angola, where he was able to get to know in depth an industry that is at the forefront of knowledge of analytical tools, where he spent three years deepening that knowledge, but also reviewing and renewing the many areas and organisations that were yet to benefit from these advances.

In 2012, he also travelled to Mozambique, where he was certified in multiple Oracle applications and applied these technologies in telecommunications.

In 2013, he took on the Director of Application Development role at the Reditus Group, having developed offerings in Advanced Analytics, Low-code, Web Development, Mobile, Enterprise Content Management, Machine Learning, Robotisation and Automation, among many others.

His main clients include the Bank of Portugal, the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation (Pordata), the Agency for Insurance and Pension Funds, Vortal, Fidelidade, Tranquilidade, the National Oil and Gas Agency (Angola), Taurus (Switzerland), among many others.

In collaboration with Horácio Lopes, he participates as content coordinator in the newDATAmagazine® editorial project, which focuses on management and information systems.

He is currently studying for a PhD in Information Systems at NOVA IMS.

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