Lean & Agile for Healthcare

The ever-increasing pace of technological advancements, rising costs, and new entrants into the health care marketplace are part of the challenge health care incumbents face today.

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Lean & Agile for Healthcare

Although the healthcare industry has been slower than many of its counterparts to embrace agility, payors and providers are particularly well suited to benefit from it. An examination of how companies in other industries have transformed their operations demonstrates the far-reaching advantages.


Healthcare organizations can begin unlocking this potential by assessing their current degree of agility and then creating a road map to integrate agility throughout their enterprise. By building the capacity to respond to change more effectively, both payors and providers will be better positioned to survive in the years ahead.


From McKinsey on Healthcare article “Why agility is imperative for healthcare organizations”, May2017


In hospital management, we find an increasing pressure to achieve both more efficiency and higher levels of flexibility and readiness for an effective patient response system. Hence, managers  of healthcare units need new service management strategies that respond effectively to changes and the negative effects of variability in health care demand while keeping costs under control.


Several industrial and service sectors have find ways to address these challenges. On one hand, manufacturing industries like automotive and aeronautics have adopted Lean Management as a management philosophy for achieving extreme levels of efficiency and reduction of costs. On the other hand, service sectors are increasingly adopting Agile Management for innovation and response to fast changes.


This course will present an original Framework of Lean & Agile Management that enable the development of capacity building for managers of healthcare units to be able to transform healthcare organi­zations to be efficient and simultaneously truly agile in this turbulent, changing and challenging times. 

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course you will
be able to:
  • Understand the Lean and Agile Thinking approaches and know how to apply its main tools according to the needs of healthcare management;
  • Characterize how to combine Lean & Agile management strategies of hospital managers as they face management challenges and competition in public health care;
  • Know-how to increase efficiency and reducing costs without losing local responsiveness to patient needs;
  • Understand how to improve performance transparency in both clinical and nonclinical areas.


This program is designed for individuals with responsibility for managing healthcare units: 

  • Hospital board members
  • Clinical directors of different health units
  • Other healthcare professionals interested in understanding the LEAGILE approach in healthcare settings

For maximum impact, and where possible, we recommend groups colleagues from same entities, so examples and applications can be more customised.


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