Sustainable Production

“Sustainable production is about doing more and better with less. It is also about decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation, increasing resource efficiency and promoting sustainable lifestyles”

17 Goals to Transform Our World from United Nations.

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    October 2022

  • Length

    2 weeks

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    On Campus

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Sustainable Production

Expanding economic activity has been accompanied by growing concerns about climate change, energy security and scarcity of natural resources. While industries are showing greater interest in sustainable production and are undertaking a number of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, progress falls far short of meeting these pressing challenges.


Industry must be restructured, and existing and breakthrough technologies must be more innovatively applied to realise green growth. 


Raising efficiency in resource and energy use and engaging in a broad range of innovations to improve environmental performance will help to create new industries and jobs in coming years, towards a green economy and a more sustainable World.


The Executive Program in Sustainable Production fosters knowledge and skills of participants that contribute to a renewal of industrial production. Through Principles of Green Chemistry, Green Engineering and metrics with an holistic perspectives and case studies, the program provides a basis for interesting and important roles in industry, consultancy and research studies.


The Executive Program in Sustainable Production has strong focus on systems thinking and the underlying need to be proactive in creating production systems with minimal impact on the climate and people while keeping businesses profitable. 


Participants will come away with tangible tools to manage and leading advance production systems and transition existing systems with a focus on circular material flow, increased digitalisation and automation, energy usage as well as new manufacturing technologies, as a part of the solution towards a sustainable society.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course executives will be able to take decisions about:


  • Implement innovations that can result in new technological and systemic solutions to help your industries/governments go-green
  • Enhance understanding of how to embed the Sustainable Production into your business strategy
  • Explore business opportunities arising from the circular economy
  • Create a high-level action plan to implement sustainability strategies
  • Learn how to maximize resources while designing robust sustainability products that fuel productivity, innovation and profits within your organization


  • Experienced professionals in positions of leadership or management who are interested in creating value by designing and incorporating sustainability production practices into their business environments.
  • Entrepreneurs who have launched—or plan to launch—startups that aim to create sustainable products and services.
  • Master students who want to follow a career in companies with production management and change activities that are pushing the industry forward.
  • Mid-level sustainability professionals and those in leadership positions including: Engineering/ Finance/Marketing/ Operations/ Research and development/ Supply chain
  • Mid-level professionals in technical and sustainability-focused roles who wish to strengthen their business acumen around this topic with the goal of creating value for their organization, will benefit from this program. Each course is designed to provide you with tangible takeaways and leadership skills to communicate with purpose in a rapidly changing environment.
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