Agile Project Management

An agile company is one that is able to quickly adapt to changes in the market. Identify the process of becoming agile and the success that such ability brings companies through a real-world example.

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    1st semester 2023

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    5 months - 2 days a week

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    LiVE Online

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    From 3.600€

Agile Project Management

What makes companies like Google, Spotify or Revolut stand out among thousands and thousands of companies in the world? Is it just fashion, trend or new work methodologies that are more agile and able to respond more quickly and effectively to increasingly demanding and impatient customers?


Agile innovation methods have revolutionized information technology. Over the past 25 to 30 years they have greatly increased success rates in software development, improved quality and speed to market, and boosted the motivation and productivity of IT teams.


The spread of agile raises intriguing possibilities. What if a company could achieve positive returns with 50% more of its new-product introductions? What if marketing programs could generate 40% more customer inquiries? What if human resources could recruit 60% more of its highest-priority targets? What if twice as many workers were emotionally engaged in their jobs? Agile has brought these levels of improvement to IT. The opportunity in other parts of the company is substantial.

The course
to share:

Agile methodology knowledge, methods, frameworks, practices and tools that prove the continuous development and improvement in organizations, efficiency and quality and the added value are the main aspects that organizations seek to drive in their internal processes, teams, professionals and their customers or stakeholders.


The Postgraduate aims that all participants are challenged to change their mindset agile, see change as an opportunity and challenge in their daily lives, enable the learning of theoretical principles and enable their practical implementation.


Each participant will go through several concepts, in what is understood as project/product management, from its discovery, design and prototyping to the management of the framework/process Scrum, Kanban, Lean, measuring and analyzing the results through agile metrics.


Success is its applicability in both traditional and digital and technological projects.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course you will
be able to:
  1. Explain the Agile project management approach and philosophy, including values and principles.
  2. Gain a deep understanding of Agile principles and how to apply them in any industry.
  3. Reduce risk of project failure by adopting agile results-based controls to close projects more effectively.
  4. Increase speed using lean / agile work management techniques proven to deliver faster.
  5. Deliver innovative solutions by unleashing your team’s potential.


This Post Graduation includes 2 certifications: a)TKP TEAM KANBAN PRACTITIONER of Kanban University and b) Management 3.0 Fundamentals of Management 3.0. However all participants may also choose to take one or more certifications, among the following offered by our Partner Scopphu:


  • CSM® Certified Scrum Master
  • CSPO® Certified Product Owner
  • PMI® Authorized PMP® – Exam Prep
  • PMI® Disciplined Agile Scrum Master


  • People who want to practice their Agile skills
  • Agilelists looking for an Agile refresher
  • People who want to strengthen their Agile knowledge
  • People who want to develop the mindset of an Agilelist
  • People who want to apply what they learned
  • People who want to practice their Scrum skills

Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Enterprise Architects, Data Base Administrators and pretty much anyone interested in developing an Agile mindset.

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