Paulo António Ribeiro

Associate Professor, NOVA FCT

Graduated in Physics and Materials Engineering at the Nova School of Science and Technology in 1989, received in 1999 the degree of Doctor in Materials Sciences and Engineering from the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

In 2000 assumed the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at the NOVA School of Science and Technology, where he has held the position of Associate Professor since 2020.

From an academic point of view, he has been dedicated to teaching General Physics, Optics and Photonics. Since 2016 he has been the Faculty’s Ambassador for Secondary Schools, in the context of which he has been holding seminars, didactic sessions, exhibitions and training for Secondary Students and Teachers.

He was a founding member of the functional molecular systems research and development group, in 2008, where he has been dedicated to the development and characterization of thin films of organic functional molecules for applications in Optics and Photonics and since 2021 he is an integrated member of the Associated Laboratory of Instrumentation, Biomedical Engineering and Radiation Physics Laboratory (LIBPhys).

As a result of his scientific activities, he has four book chapters, about 100 articles in indexed international journals, about 100 communications in annals of events and a patent. Since 2013, he has chaired the PHOTOPTICS conference series, a new series of international scientific events in the field of Optical Photonics and Laser Technology.

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