Luisa Baltazar
Strategy Advisor e Business Expert

Luisa is a Strategy Advisor and Business Expert who helps founders and startups of the European Commission’s European Innovation Council, as well as executives and companies worldwide, achieve their goals through strategic, agile and creative solutions with the “Get s#it done” mindset. A business founder with crucial intrinsic skills for strategy and implementation, her experience and knowledge stem from more than 25 years of career in global organizations, startups and technology, including startup acceleration, business strategy and innovation in Silicon Valley, Europe and worldwide. Throughout her career, she has accumulated tools, knowledge and multidisciplinary and transversal experience in the areas of management, human resources, communication, marketing and much more, essential for the entrepreneurial ecosystem and for the efficient and sustainable management of any organization, regardless of the area or industry.

Teacher, Mentor and Coach in various initiatives, universities and organizations such as NOVA FCT and the Founders Institute, and with an endless desire to learn and give back, with social projects that she believes move the needle towards a better future and world, such as Women in Tech where she is a member of the Board of Advisors in Portugal, she believes that “Value emerges when knowledge is transformed into action.”

The people she works with consider Luisa to be an inspirational leader who “gets things done” in a creative, empathetic and pragmatic way, always with a “hands-on” attitude where she applies ethics and transformational strategic thinking.

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