Javad Jassbi

Professor & Senior Researcher in Uninova

NOVA School of Science and Technology

Javad is a senior researcher in Uninova, Nova University of Lisbon, and professor at the Department of Industrial Management in I.A.U., Science & Research branch.

He received his BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1997, MSc in Strategic Management from I.A.U., and PhD in Industrial Management (System) in 2003. He did his Post-Doc in fuzzy knowledge-based systems in Nova University of Lisbon in 2005 and was invited as an Academic Visitor to Bristol Business School in 2010.

He was the Head of Business Management Department at Azad University in Oxford and Head of Industrial Management Department in Science and Research branch, I.A.U.

His research interests include Application of Artificial Intelligence (Fuzzy Logic), Decision Making and Complex System Theory.

Thanks to his educational background and industrial experiences, he is keen to work on Multi disciplinary subjects. He has published several academic papers in a number of peer reviewed journals and presented various academic papers in conferences.

He is consulting a number of companies and has research collaborations in several industries. He has been leading several national and international projects since 2005 and enjoying working on European projects since he went to Europe. He has international experiences in working with educational institutions and Research Centers in other countries such as the Iran, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Portugal.

Javad is now in charge of Dissemination of the Projects in “Robotics and Complex Industrial Group (RICS)” targeting MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

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