David Belo

Founder and CEO of SAFE AI [4U]

David Belo serves as the Founder and CEO of SAFE AI [4U], a company with focused expertise in responsible AI R&D and training, primarily within the healthcare domain. His driving force is a deep-rooted commitment to innovative AI solutions, always emphasising ethical application.

With a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, his specialisation lies in the application of deep learning for biosignal analysis. David boasts a rich professional history spanning over 15 years, characterised by his proficiency in crafting, refining, and instructing advanced AI architectures. In addition to his academic journey, he has amassed invaluable industry experience, including a notable role as a specialist at NASA’s Frontier Development Lab.

David’s extensive repertoire extends beyond technical prowess. He also possesses a proven track record in creating and coordinating successful National and European grants. Notably, his involvement in projects like AISym4Med underscores his pioneering efforts in utilising generative AI to craft healthcare data solutions that prioritise sharing while safeguarding privacy.

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