Artificial Intelligence Program
On January 13th, with scholarships supported 100% by Samsung Electronics, the 2nd edition
10 Breakthrough Technologies 2021
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From no mobility to future mobility
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted mobility, and its effects will linger well into next
FCT NOVA selecionada pela Samsung para lançamento do Samsung Innovation Campus
Este programa mundial da Samsung já formou mais de 110.000 alunos em todo o mundo. Em Po
Daniel Kahneman: ‘Clearly AI is going to win. How people are going to adjust is a fascinating problem’
Industry 4.0: Emerging Trends Shaping the Future of Work & Business
From factory floors to creative suites, the future of work is changing. Emerging technolo
Deep tech: the great wave of innovation
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We can 3D-print wood
Two years ago, pioneers in the 3D printing industry started exploring new materials when
Teaching Diversity And Inclusion To The Billions Of Intelligent Systems Making Autonomous Decisions
Learning — and applying — how to be aware of the needs of diverse groups has more val
3D Printing in Healthcare
This ceramic ink can 3D-print bones directly into a patient’s body. Here’s how!