Postgraduation “Inspiring Technologies in Tourism & Hospitality”

“Around the world, in countries at all development levels, many millions of jobs and businesses are dependent on a strong and thriving tourism sector. Tourism has also been a driving force in protecting natural and cultural heritage, preserving them for future generations to enjoy”

Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-general of World Tourism Organisation

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    January 2024

  • Length

    5 months

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  • Investment

    750€ | 1.500€

Postgraduation “Inspiring Technologies in Tourism & Hospitality”

The future of tourism and hospitality is closely linked to advances in technology. Technology is already transforming the way tourists research, plan and book their trips, and will continue to play a significant role in the industry’s evolution. Some of the clearest examples of this transformation are:

  • Personalization
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Contactless Solutions
  • Sustainable Tourism

The postgraduation Inspiring Technologies in Tourism & Hospitality is a journey of discovery into the universe of new technologies that are impacting and challenging the industry. A world in constant evolution, where the experiences of customers and employees in the industry are the epicenter of change.

This postgraduation, organized into 5 major modules, focuses primarily on the industry’s most important challenges, how technology is changing travel and tourism experiences for both customers and businesses, and how to build a skilled workforce.

  • Module 1: Innovation in Tourism & Hospitality
  • Module 2: Digital Technology Trends in T&H;H
  • Module 3: Sustainable Development in T&H;H
  • Module 4: The traveler/customer experience in T&H
  • Module 5: The role of People

If you are interested, there is the possibility of attending only one or more modules. Please contact us for more information.

Learning Outcomes
  • Characterize the key emerging technologies that are impacting the industry and changing the customer experience;
  • Recognize and apply the most emerging technologies in the industry such as voice search and voice control, intelligent robots, augmented reality, chatbots with AI technology, Big Data, or learn about new Food technologies that are revolutionizing the food & Beverage industry, among many others;
  • Understand the potential of each technology and its applications in industry;
  • Compreender a importância da adoção da tecnologia para a mUnderstand the importance of technology adoption for the modernization of the T&H industry;H;
  • Understand what technology will allow you to create new business opportunities;
  • Recognize the importance of the qualification of human resources.

Participants Profile

This program is suitable for a wide range of professional profiles with career aspirations in the Tourism and Hospitality sector and who want to understand how science and technology can and are changing customer experiences and creating new opportunities in the sector.

Participants will be invited to explore the possibilities that new technologies offer to improve management and create unique experiences. They will be challenged to think outside the box, embrace innovation, and find creative solutions to the challenges that arise daily in the industry.

Some examples:

  • Managers of operational/business units with ambitions to progress to leadership at the corporate level;
  • Managers who want to ensure that their organization is prepared for the latest digital and technological trends;
  • Hotel department managers seeking promotion to General Manager;
  • Entrepreneurs planning to launch their own business in the T&H industry;H;
  • Participants with a background in management, economics, or even engineering who want a career in the industry will gain knowledge and learn about technologies and innovations that are contributing to new niches and opportunities.
Program Coordination
António Grilo

Full Professor at FCT NOVA
and Director at UNIDEMI

António Grilo is full professor at NOVA School of Science and Technology, in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He is currently the Head of Department, Director of the research center UNIDEMI (, and Director of the PhD Program in Industrial Engineering.

His research scientific domain area has been centered on Business Interoperability focusing on how to design and develop Digital-based interorganizational systems that can improve business performance of supply chains, and industrial networks, and how to measure and analyse the impact on business performance according to the configurations of the ICT-platforms. More recently, complementary lines of research are on Digital Platforms, particularly simulation of digital-based companies which derived from the business interoperability research, and applications of Emergent Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in industry and services.

He was the main coordinator of 4 international Research & Development projects, managed 15 other R&D projects. Published over 100 papers in scientific journals and conferences, with more than 1500 citations in Scopus. He has successfully supervised 6 PhD and received 3 scientific and technological awards.

Paulo Moura

With a degree in engineering by Técnico, MBA at Católica, and several programs at Harvard and INSEAD in Strategy and Organizational Leadership, Paulo Moura developed most of his professional life in the areas of innovation and business development, in several companies, namely in some that operate in the fields of engineering and railway and port construction, water and energy concessions, and real estate.

In the last 15 years, Paulo has taken on the position of CEO at Inspira Hotels, a Portuguese sustainable, urban and green-eco hotel group, which since 2017 has won several times the award for best Eco/Green Luxury Hotel by the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

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