Crypto and the Blockchain Revolution

Enter the Crypto World and find how the emerging Blockchain Technology will impact Global Finance, Business and Social Communities.

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    5 weeks

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    Blended Learning

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Crypto and the Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain has taken the world by storm, yet remains mysterious in many ways. While it disrupts the central pillars of global finance, it provides us with an opportunity to reinvent the foundation of our global economy that is universally accessible, trustless and censorship resistant. It provides us with programmability and automation capabilities that is enabling the reinvention of banks, stock markets, fundraising for startups, digital asset management, and even accounting and supply chains.


All this innovation is also providing attractive investment opportunities in the Blockchain space. The massive disruptive potential makes this technological revolution, hard to understand and comprehend.


What distinguishes this program is without a doubt the concrete and recognized experience of its speakers. Diogo Mónica from Anchorage, Guilherme Maia from Atmos Galaxy or Pedro Febrero from RealFevr are part of the vast list of teachers of this executive program, who will bring to the classroom their experiences and success cases so well recognized in the national and even international market.


This program is designed to provide participants with an easy and simplified set of theoretical and practical foundation to help understand the Economic and Social Impact of Blockchain Technologies.

The program will cover the following topics:


  • Macro-economy, Blockchain & Crypto-assets world
  • Security, privacy and data protection in the blockchain context
  • Blockchains, Markets and Market Cycles
  • Exchanges
  • Decentralised Finance (DEFI)
  • Crypto Asset Management
  • Mental and Emotional Preparation
  • NFTs and Future Trends
  • DAOs – Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • Business case and impact: How can a Company, Organization or Individual prepare itself for the Blockchain Revolution?
Learning Outcomes
This program will allow
participants to:
  • Understand the importance of blockchain technology and crypto assets in the global macro economy;
  • Be familiar with security concepts and be capable to store privately your crypto currencies in the safest way there is at this day – Be your own bank!
  • Know the exchanges landscape and how to operate a crypto wallet;
  • Be aware of blockchain trends, DEFI, NFT’s, DAO’s, Metaverse and much more;
  • Showcase some tools you need to embrace the mindset as well as the emotional preparation that comes with making crypto investments;
  • Develop a structured methodology to identify how your company can take advantage of the emerging Blockchain Technology, such as asset management, investment, fundraising, defining new business models, and social and managerial innovation using the principles of Decentralized Organizations.


The promises of blockchain technology for enterprises in terms of cost efficiency and performance improvement and the booming development of the crypto markets translate directly into the rise in demand for blockchain professionals.

A report by LinkedIn has placed blockchain as one of the most in-demand skills for 2021 and beyond. Enterprises therefore need blockchain professionals with the skills to help them leverage most of blockchain technology for driving their business objectives.

No matter your level of maturity on these topics, we will help you gain a solid understanding of their potential impact on your career or business and what you can do about it. Some examples of key targets are:

  • C-Suite Officers
  • Digital Transformation Managers / Chief Technology Officers
  • Digital Innovators, R&D, Software Developers
  • Business Managers
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